Loke Keto Test Strips


Used to test if your body is in ketosis, these strips are easy to use and very helpful when trying to see if you are in ketosis or what level of ketosis you are in. 

Measure your state of ketosis in ketogenic, paleo, Atkins and low carb diets. Small and light to make them easy to take on the go. 

No need to guess if your in ketosis or not anymore. Loke high-quality ketone urine strips help you to measure your state of ketosis quickly. 

Why Should I Use Ketone Strips? When in ketosis your body switches from depending on carbs for fuel to fats. When the body metabolizes fat it creates whats known as ketones, these Loke Ketone Strips are then used to measure the amount of ketones your body produces through testing your urine. 

Do I have to use strips to know if I am in Ketosis? The quick answer to this is no, and this is why. There are many different way to measure your ketone levels, blood test strips are another common way but many prefer a quicker easy to use solution and is where the urine ketone strips were born. 

Note: If you’ve been on a ketogenic diet for a long period of time then you many not be secreting as many ketones so the strips will show a small amount, don’t be alarmed this is normal. 

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